Selling Plants

Aminath Seema

We sell home grown plants to people within Male', Hulhumale' and also to boats for islands too. I started helping out my mother-in-law in selling her plants, but in this process I've also started in selling my own food based plants too. I thought of selling food based plants mostly to people as they look for plants that can be used in their kitchen gardens as well. So in a way, we are doing this business together by helping each other.
Food and Beverages

Aminath Seema

My name is Seema. I'm a wife and a mom of a son. I'm a friendly and a very social person and in today's life, I'm sharing my experiences and trying to make my business come out to people through viber and FB mostly.
Art and Craft

Aminath Jabeen

An educator. A motivation for kids

Hawwa Shaheena Mohamed

Education and Training;Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Leadership Training, Aviation Consultancy. Determined to be the catalyst that inspires people to find the purposefulness to discover their hidden genius
Education and Training

Aishath Shafia

I am career minded independent women who believes success depends on commitment, hard working and courage not a specific gender. I have interest in teaching quran and started business in 2014. I did my diploma in teaching quran in 2019.
Food and Beverages

Aishath Firasha

Aishath Firasha known to all as Fira. Founder & owner of BakesbyFira. I am a firm believer that i can set the bar for fusion desserts in the town.
Clothing and Accessories;Sports and Fitness;Repair and Maintenance;Health and Beauty

Naseema Yoosuf

I am a mother of two kids working from home. Repairing Computers and gadgets are my passion . I repair computers, tablets laptops, mobile phones Repairing Computers and gadgets are my passion . I repair computers, tablets laptops, mobile phones
Kitchen ware, Baby items, Toys

Aminath Shahama Easa

Blissful provides everything in one place and free delivery to Male', Hulhumalé and boats.Household items, baby items, toys, kitchen ware, electronic items and more
Food and Beverages

Aminath Shaila

I am a home based baker, aged 39. Married with 3 kids. I recently completed the Patisserie programme conducted at MNU. I have been baking since 2012. Homemade by Shaila is a home based business. Right now my page has different desserts. In shaa Allah in the near future will be introducing savouries too.
Children's books/educational products

Fathmath Rizfa

Social worker turned work from home mom. My hobbies include designing, drawing, reading and doing anything crafty. The aim of Poushie Books is to provide a range of Dhivehi educational products that are fun and appealing for kids.
Food and Beverages

Lizna Ramiz

I'm a mother of 2 and I started baking when my first born was 1 years old . Took a huge break in between then and now , and again back at it after my second child was one years one . I started with cakes / mostly fondant cakes. With those decorative figures . My first cake was my sons second birthday cake . From there I took a short Wilton course and started making cakes . I took a long break and now I’m back at it again , but now I do more decorative sugar cookies than cakes
Art and Craft;Education and Training;Life coaching and mental health services, article writing

Fathimath Eman Nasheed

A life coach aiming to make a difference in this world, and make lives of people much more happier and self-fuling!

Aminath Rasheedha

I love capturing moments. I take picture of people, places, events and objects.
Art and Craft

Zulaikha Yashfa

I discovered my love for resin art on the last day of lockdown. I did my own research and taught myself how to work with resin. After practicing for one month I opened my business in September 2020. Since then I have worked hard to improve my works and make every order close to perfect. I love my work and I am very happy to be where I am. I am proud of myself for pushing me towards doing what I love.
Health and Beauty

Fathimath Azzath Faheem

ZIN STORE is a small business founded in 2020. We aim to provide high quality, effective and authentic skincare/beauty and a variety of other products from different parts of the world.
Technology solutions and products;Business consultancy, marketing brand management, project handling content creation and writing and graphic designing.

Shaba Ibrahim

I am a 22 old business venture specialist with over 5 years of diverse experience in the diverse business business sector while working with renown organizations like Voyages Maldives and Seagull. I am also a third year student doing Bachelors-of Arts honors Business Management and Marketing from University of West England expected to finish this April. Currently the business strategist for Luxe Investment pvt Ltd. I provide consultancy services of varieties in the business management and marketing related industry. I plan to provide these services to small business owners and startups to help them establish their business in the industry in a more professional manner. I have worked with small business owners from cafe’, and online pages to develop new strategies and polish their current working ones.

Shifaza Ibrahim

10yrs of experience in pastry & cake decoration. Decorating cakes, desserts for all occasions.
Food and Beverages

Aiminath Asfan

I am a conscientious person who works hard and pays attention to detail. I'm flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others. I also have lots of ideas and enthusiasm. Most of all I am someone who loves to help people without any hesitation.
Clothing and Accessories

Eenas adam

Hi my name is eenas adam, After finishing my studies in fashion design i was hoping i would get a job in that field. Unfortunately that was not the case,People thought since I studied fashion design I will be a seamstress but i am not. I am very fond of designing and creating new things.So for few years I worked as an administrator at a private office and never did I stoped dreaming of creating something from what I have studied. After doing a lot of research using what I studied, I decided to Create baby blankets. With the knowledge I have I created my own mix of fabric with designs on it.
Jewellery and accessories

Lubna Ramiz

My name is Lubna. I run a small lifestyle business named Shore.

Zahiya Saeed

I'm an entrepreneur working towards promoting international life style and sustainability. I am also a designer and an illustrator.
Art and Craft

Aiminath Shahuma

"Being from a craft loving family I have always been keen on designing, especially since I have been enthusiastically watching my mom at sewing for as long as I can remember. Fast forward many years and a bachelors degree, working as a laboratory assistant with a loving husband and 3 doting kids, I decided to work my fingers through my childhood passion and enhance it. "
Food and Beverages

Mariyam Nafha

23yr old type 1 diabetic working to achieve my life long dreams. Home based dessert shop selling varieties of desserts & customized cakes for all occasions
Food and Beverages;Hotel & Resort Supplies

Zoona Ahmed

Home baker. Brownies, Banana bread, wafer cake, tea packs
Clothing and Accessories;Art and Craft;Sports and Fitness

Soodha Mohamed

Founder and owner of Sooty collection, first luxury hijab label of the maldives.
Education and Training;Children’s Books

Narmeen Mohamed

A marketing professional and a creative storyteller. I am the co-founder and owner of Fuloaku Pvt.Ltd
Art and Craft;Baby accessories

Aishath Shama Mohamed

A mother of three by profession a Medical Laboratory Technologist. Our story began in 2010, with making dresses free of charge for friends and family. With the help from family we started an online page on social media on 26th October 2018 (Instagram and Facebook).
Art and Craft;Education and Training

Mariyam maahee hussain

Very early on in life i developed an interest towards creative designing and artworks. With that curiosity I have done various small art projects at home. From support from my family I have always found ways to excel on these, and got commendable reviews from relatives and friends. Improvising ad developing the skills through the year, I am now leading a happy life with my ever supportive husband, a mother of an adorable son, working full time in a project administration job as well as finding the time to create the designs that customers request through my page, Felt MV
Clothing and Accessories;Sports and Fitness

Muna Rilwan

I am Muna Rilwan, founder and owner of Hilltop by Muna. As an experienced Interior & Graphic Designer, I am the brains behind the Plain and Simple apparels design concept. I aspires to make my mark within the fashion industry, while striving to make a positive impact on the society through Slow Fashion
Education and Training

Ramla Mohamed Rasheed

I am a teacher, who is Google certified and is interested in educating Google applications for anyone who's interested to learn it. Specially educators and parents.

Fathimath Fazeela

I am from the very north of maldives Ha.Hathifushi. Born, grown up and studied in the Capital city Male'.After serving government for 9 years started own bussiness with my husband. Now I live in Hulhumale' with my family.
Sports and Fitness

Nazima Ali

I am Fisaf certified personal trainer. I have been doing fitness for more than 20 years. I have a women's gym. wellness is the 2nd ladies only gym in greater Male area
Clothing and Accessories;Art and Craft;Repair and Maintenance;Technology solutions and products;Health and Beauty

Zeeshan Abdul Raheem

I am a full time mother of 8year old son and 13year old girl. I have studied Masters of business administration on Accounting & Finance in Malaysia. I am the managing director of letscorp Maldives and islandtouch. Currently I am doing the works related to our small online business.
Clothing and Accessories;Health and Beauty

Layaal Yoosuf

I am passionate about my work. Because I love what I do, I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. this passion led me to challenge myself daily and learn new skills that helped me to do better work.
Clothing and Accessories;Art and Craft;Repair and Maintenance;Technology solutions and products;Health and Beauty

Aminath Rafiyya

I am a 38 year old home maker, managing an online page that sells kids clothing and accessories
Food and Beverages;Hotel & Resort Supplies

Hafsath Aleem

A business woman who also love tech specially the area of IT Security and Privacy.
One stop shop for all hotel and resort supplies
Clothing and Accessories;Repair and Maintenance;Technology solutions and products;Health and Beauty

Naseema Yoosuf

Repair mobile,laptop,computers and retail
Hardware solutions
Clothing and Accessories;Art and Craft

Mariyam Shifza

I always try to create what my customer want the products like the way they want to be and always trying to do my best to finish it for the time they want.
Food and Beverages

Sheeza Ali

I'm a housewife.
I'm selling all kind of fish
Food and Beverages

Mariyam Hussain

Cake designer.
Food and Beverages

Aishath Ayath

A stay at home mom and all self taught cake Baker n decorator. Baking different flavoured cakes for all occasions.
Clothing and Accessories;Art and Craft

Mariyam sama khalid mohamed

I am Sama Khalid, aged 27, a stay-at-home mother of two beautiful girls. I reside in Male' with my family " I own and manage a pre order crochet business targeting babies and toddlers.
Food and Beverages

Mariyam Shuhudha