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We’ve got news for HDC job seekers!

October 24, 2021 : 12:51 pm

A web-based recruitment portal has been introduced, accessible to any person with a stable network connection. Reflecting on the word, web-based, we assure you it’s going to be easy, fast and user-friendly, making it comparatively trouble-free than tracking our job posts displayed via social media.

It’s a simple task to register and create a job seeker’s profile. Add the personal information, qualification and history of employment and upload a profile picture, and there you have it – an online professional profile. Job Seekers are able to update their profile anytime, anywhere. If you have the job alert notification enabled, you will be updated & informed of any new job openings.

With a single click, you can apply online for a job that could be the beginning of your career path. Job applicants are able to view the status of their application through our portal. A professional profile should be created to apply for our job openings. Job seekers who are passing through are able to view our job openings in the portal irrespective of registration.

Types of needs that may open temporary positions and internships are explained in the recruitment portal. We hope to provide internships as much as that can be achieved within the year.