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Shaping spaces in Hulhumalé

March 2, 2022 : 3:10 pm

Cafe’s, Exhibition spaces, Co-working spaces are already established in the Maldives. But have you seen any of them built in reused many-hued containers?

Our urban planners simultaneously contemplate on creating value in Hulhumalé for its local residents and ideas for brightening up the stakeholder aspirations towards the Island. This time we bring our residents a peri-urban park – a humanized space with meanings and needs, a day-to-day place of peace, a place to build relationships.

Container Park is a community driven in-house design concept by our architects in full gear. Revitalizing community engagement, and collaboration through co-working spaces, this upcoming new development in the neighbourhood one of Hulhumalé has something for everyone. An exhibition space and a terrace are equipped in the concept to hold art & craft exhibitions, reading gatherings by Fohgadiya, live events and in the future, new lively Mansa events of HDC that is known to give the public earnest information of various degrees. Small Medium Enterprises can make the best of these positive opportunities and try their hand at operating an experience that is the very first of a kind in Maldives.

This open-air development could be a start of something new for our residents and investors alike. It’s a development where optimism and unity intertwine influencing free expression among all ages. Deliberately designed at low height of two floors, it’s an escape route from the daily hustle. Open and green space created to receive the most amount of sunlight is known to increase physical and mental wellness and open our minds towards new abilities and unique train of ideas. Many stories will surely enfold within these containers. It will soon be open for investors who seek to sell a different experience and conduct the community outreach to a level that outright creates a perfect culture.