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The Four Bridges

July 6, 2022 : 11:44 am


On 2nd October 2018, the construction began of four bridges cross a waterway to ultimately connect Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the reclaimed Island of Hulhumalé – a project facilitated by a loan provision of Saudi Fund for Development (SFD).

With the completion of the four bridges, the main four linear roads of Hulhumalé Phase 1 interconnects to Phase 2, easing the vehicular movement from one point to another in the Island, consequently avoiding traffic congestions. Under the bridge lies a 50m waterway that charmingly changes its shades of blue from morning till night.

The four bridges are designed in a similar fashion comprising of a green verge and planter box, enhancing the bridges and contributing to a clean, green Hulhumalé. Each bridge comprises of a 2-lane carriageway and 2 canopies on both sides. Contrary to the other bridges, the third bridge connection can be distinguished and visible from afar as a rigid triangulated design from the entry point of Hulhumalé.

Strengthening the quality of life for the Maldivians on an equal basis, is one of the fundamental reasons the man-made island was brought to life. The bridges integrate this further by provision of dedicated bike lanes and pedestrian pathways replicated on each side of the bridges for the bike enthusiasts and the pedestrians to enjoy their daily life exercises. The pedestrian pathways are inclusive of tactile surfaces in order to foster safe and independent mobility for the blind and the visually impaired to cross the bridges without a hindrance. From stunning views of Hulhumalé sunsets and sunrises to one of the best viewpoints overlooking the sight of the city can be seen from the viewing platforms placed strategically on the bridges. Believe us when we tell you, the third bridge shines even brighter with the sun. It is an all too familiar sight to see on lookers waiting for their turn to capture the scene, nonetheless it’s a scene that never gets old and leaves the on lookers with a wondrous feeling.

An open space channel park will run along both sides of the bridges providing the passersby with a sight of the small boats touring under the bridges. In this area, what will attract residents is the convenience for open-air leisure activities. It features a range of places for recreational activities such as skate park, rowing club, fishing decks, restaurants and various other amenities.

We can hardly wait for these forthcoming developments that are thus far unseen in Maldives.