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SmartCom – The first milestone towards transforming Hulhumalé as a Smart City

December 16, 2021 : 4:05 pm

Can you imagine living in a city with no traffic jams, no waiting times, a city inclusive of all that connectivity that we require for our fast-paced lives? What may have seemed as a dream a decade back, is now at the verge of becoming true.

The need for a digitally powered city is now more apparent than ever, with the fast-growing economies and global urbanization. Countries are re-defining their way of life, keeping up with the digital technologies today. Keeping this in mind, our Telecom Network Unit evolved into an ambitious thriving department in 2021, under the name of Business Solutions that is dedicated to delivering accessibility towards digital living in Hulhumalé while creating smart solutions to improve the quality of our lives. On 15th July 2021, HDC’s Network Operations Center became fully operational, overseeing the entire digital infrastructure of Hulhumalé.

Evolving from the disconnectivity and rural ways of life present in our societies, the brand SmartCom envisions creating a city with the level of connectivity that goes well beyond shared workspaces, where innovation and effective implementation go hand in hand. Our team at Business Solutions is dedicated to building the digital infrastructure of Hulhumalé in collaboration with key service providers, and facilitate other smart components within the city.

SmartCom’s ambitious long-term vision of building smart and connected communities is achieve through its missions of providing scalable smart solutions within our communities. By promoting inclusivity and versatility in tapping into knowledge-based partnerships, and continuously working towards paving sustainability and livability through technology and innovations.

A vast array of smart city solutions including effective transportation, optimized use of energy and utilities, intelligent traffic signals, safer public spaces and enhanced public security, telemedicine, digitalized education and quicker emergency response mechanisms are amongst the portfolio of SmartCom. All which will facilitate not only the growth of our economy and commerce, but also benefit the wider society of our nation including all key stakeholders.

With the establishment of the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) connections, residents of 7000 Hiya flats in Hulhumalé Phase II can now access to the Internet, TV, video on demand, and a wide addition of other digital services instantly. To enhance cellular connectivity in the residential neighborhoods, we have also completed the first stage of installing telecommunications towers in the second phase of Hulhumalé, where we now have 4 cellular towers in service.

SmartCom has already opened up opportunities for interested parties to become smart city partners, aiming to jointly create a lively smart city ecosystem that connects the tech community, vendors, businesses, institutions and every single member of the community to explore the most promising technologies and smart solutions.

The key objective of SmartCom is to achieve the collective vision of HDC in becoming a leader in re-defining quality living through technology and innovation as one of our strategic pillars. This target is achieved by establishing a modern society where businesses can tap into the digital framework with ease. Aiming to thrive in a community that works together, fostering an active society of youth ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.

This is a start towards our journey to make Hulhumalé as the first smart city in the Maldives.