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Retirement of Suhail Ahmed as Managing Director of HDC

August 25, 2022 : 3:49 pm

Our Managing Director, Suhail Ahmed has decided to retire from his position as Managing Director of Housing Development Corporation (HDC). We are profoundly grateful for his leadership that extends from the earliest years of the Corporation’s lifetime. Let’s take a look at some of his unparalleled achievements over the years.

He was present when the reclamation took place and when a masterplan was formed to develop the Island of Hulhumalé. In the year 2001, Hulhumalé Development Unit was formed with him and three other members; Mauroof Jameel, Maujoob Shujau & Fayyaz Mausoom. As the longest serving member, he has managed municipality functions which commenced with the first settlement of Hulhumalé, simultaneously holding the position of Projects Coordinator.

He was not just a Managing Director of HDC, rather he has visualized, multitasked, executed and balanced so much to make Hulhumalé what it is today. Not long after the establishment of Housing Development Corporation, he became the Managing Director.

“Hulhumalé was just bare land. Now, it’s home to nearly 100,000 people with public amenities in place”

He believes HDC is robust with corporate policies held in place and is proud of this establishment whereby any leader present at a given time  could easily access these guidelines with room for further refinement in providing the best to our residents and visitors.

Calm, collected and humble is what his employees describe him as. His strongest trait in his journey at the Corporation is his knowledge, and the history he has lived with his own eyes. One of his strongest principles he adheres to professionally is his evenhandedness.

He is leaving us with one advise – As individuals, we should perform our responsibility in the best manner possible, holding on to our best values.

We thank our beloved MD for his guidance, support, strong leadership and inspiration all these years.