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Physical works commences on the development of steel structure in Hulhumale’

June 20, 2010 : 11:07 am

Centex Group Pvt. Ltd, winner of the project announced by Housing Development Corporation Ltd (HDC) on the development of a steel structure in Hulhumale’ has commenced the physical works of the project.

The project was awarded to Centex Group on 10th November 2009 with a contract value of Mrf 5,666,450/- to deliver a steel structure consisting of 10 garage (or workshop) units within the Industrial Area of Hulhumale’, within a time frame of 12 months from November 2009.

In addition to the 10 garage units, the project involves the development of the surrounding infrastructure as well. Each garage/workshop unit encompasses an area of 84 square meters and the steel structure development is designed in such a way to facilitate easy passage way for equipments and other materials. A main objective of HDC in development of the steel structure is to facilitate business and commercial ventures by medium and small enterprises within the Hulhumale’ Industrial Area. Once developed, HDC plans to lease out the garage/workshop units to interested parties wishing to undertake small scale industrial activity within these units.

Centex Group has currently completed the excavation of the plot and leveling of the ground to prepare the land for the foundation. The company plans to complete the erection of the steel structure by the end of August 2010, and to complete project including the road infrastructure by November 2010.

HDC is currently working out the detailed leasing procedure for the garage/workshop units and hopes to announce the project before the end of this year.