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Paving Way for a Digitalized Future

May 18, 2022 : 3:02 pm

Open Access Networks (OANs) creates an innovative digital market place where multiple service providers can share the same network infrastructure to provide the services to their customers.

As a backbone of a strong digital infrastructure, a full fiber Open Access Network has been rolled out by HDC, which enabled operators of multiple services (TV, Internet, etc.) in the Maldives to provide fast, seamless and cost-effective services to the communities from one common network. This has resulted in customers acquiring faster services with more choices, while service providers being able to provide efficient services. The low cost of investments and maintenance for service providers has allowed them to focus on their core services and capabilities. Additionally, with OAN the inconvenience caused to public due to frequent road diggings can be minimized.

This innovative full fiber network infrastructure of HDC is the foundation of a truly digital future for our communities, and this can have immense benefits to citizens, businesses, services providers and other organizations alike. The infrastructure itself paves the way for smart cities equipped with smart services and front of the line technologies. The standards of living, both social and economic, will see a drastic transformation where waste management, security, parking, remote employment, government services etcetera will be facilitated by the new connectivity infrastructure.

OAN business model has now gained popularity across the globe for its vast benefits in creating a more competitive market among the service providers, reducing the costs of internet and other services while giving more choices for subscribers.