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Ooredoo to develop headquarters in Hulhumalé

March 23, 2017 : 12:30 pm
Housing Development Corporation signed with Ooredoo Maldives for the construction and development of Ooredoo Office Building in Hulhumalé.
This agreement was signed by Managing Director of HDC Mohamed Saiman and Chief Executive Officer of Ooredoo Maldives Vikram Sinha, today at a function held at HDC head office.
From the major companies operating in Maldives, Ooredoo is expected to become the first headquarters to move to Hulhumalé. As a world renowned telecom brand, Ooredoo will also become the first multi-national company to be set up in Hulhumalé with the completion of this building.
HDC believes that with today’s signing, one step closer has been taken to fulfilling the government’s vision of Hulhumalé becoming the City of Hope- filled with countless opportunities for youth, including employment opportunities. Additionally, this new venture by Ooredoo is expected to strengthen the concept of Smart City as it is a promise to offer residents and visitors of Hulhumalé the best of what technology has to offer.
Allocated at the South-West of Central Park, it is estimated that this development will be completed within the next 30 months.