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Onset to an Equitable Community Through Urban Planning

November 15, 2021 : 10:04 am

Hulhumalé is deemed as the island that rose amongst the Maldives archipelago, equipped to battle the issues faced by our modern society in terms of climate change, unsustainable development and growing population due to limited land capacity. To address such issues to its core, Hulhumalé was built under a holistic masterplan.

Urban planning plays a key role in safeguarding the orderly development of human settlement. The concept of urban planning is especially relevant to Maldives for its limitations in physical infrastructure. The features of Safer Islands concept integrate the pillars of sustainable development – economic, social and environment, crucial for sustaining life on islands. Such objectives can only be effectively achieved through town planning approaches.

Equitable development is critical to form a community that ensures all residents of Hulhumalé is benefited from economic growth in an equitable fashion. To keep the community of Hulhumalé vibrant and healthy, our planners have established careful consideration of land use to address the major issues of overcrowding and congestion faced in the capital city Malé.

Hulhumalé is planned with a 60% of land to be allocated for housing needs of the Maldives. Community centers, housing schools, medical clinics, sports arenas and public spaces are built to cater for the housing community. The masterplan also consists of Tourism Island, cruise terminal, marina and business hub with a commercial spine which will provide job opportunities for the island’s population.

Promoting an urban quality lifestyle, Hulhumalé is being developed to address the needs of its residents, improving connectivity and accessibility to social and economic services among many others. Through careful planning, the city fosters an inclusive community bringing out smart people while achieving energy efficiency through smart environmental solutions.

The planned infrastructure of Hulhumalé ensures public security and safety by developing smart building and public infrastructure. Operational excellence is to be achieved through various automated solutions such as implementation of building management systems, smart property maintenance apps and many more.

The development of Hulhumalé is regarded as the most ambitious and largest urban planning project carried out in the Maldives. In the midst of numerous social and housing dilemmas faced by the nation, Hulhumalé is reminded as a city of hope, the start of a well-rounded approach into urbanism in the Maldives.