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Official opening of ‘Masjidul Fithya’ and Temporary Local Fish Market

May 15, 2018 : 5:28 pm

The temporary mosque ‘Masjidul Fithya’ in Hulhumalé Neighbourhood II was officially opened today by Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr. Ahmed Ziyad, and the temporary local fish market was opened by HDC’s Deputy Managing Director Mr. Ahmed Bunyamin.

The official opening was attended by members of the HDC management team, staff and members of the public.

The opening of temporary mosque, named as “Masjidul Fithya”, was held during Asr Prayer, where the guests performed Salah. This mosque is located in Bougainvillea Magu of Neighbourhood II (near the recently opened 704 flats), and will be the 7th mosque in Hulhumalé. It is especially important as it will cater to the population that recently resided in the most recent 704 units.

The opening of the temporary local fish market was held afterwards, at the market’s location, which is next to Ensis Jetty (near the MNDF quarters). HDC believes that this fish market will enable the residents of Hulhumalé to buy fresh fish at a comparative price during the month of Ramadan.