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Meet our Amazing Team of Creative Designers!

August 19, 2022 : 12:26 pm

Today, as we celebrate the World Photography Day, our tribute goes to the Creative Designers of HDC – an integral team of our organization who work tirelessly day and night, no matter the weather.

Whether on a working day or weekend, often you will see different members carrying around heavy cameras, capturing moments in time. Their time is usually a bottle full but despite that, they have accommodated so much bravely that this article might not do their work proper justice. Tiring nights, midafternoon daylights or those moments that should be captured in other islands & countries, they have never failed to capture and deliver the most creative works of art in their mightiest capability. What you see every day is little of the actual work they do. Most of their time is spent near a giant monitor (mostly two), their eyes fixed on perfecting the tiniest details of an animation, graphics design, captured video or a photograph.



Our Creative Design team consists of multi-talented 5 members, each with their own unique creativity. No matter which task, you would see all 5 of them taking pictures, shooting videos, designing graphics and editing videos. Leading this skillful team, is Lugman. He himself is a designer & photographer as well. A rather peaceful, kind and fun person with a dashing PR voice that could grace any video beautifully. Working alongside Lugman is our senior designer, Haamy. He works closely with each member ensuring heavy tasks are assigned and managed effectively. He is a fun charismatic friend to the team, who always has the team’s back. One thing for sure is, he won’t let a team member work alone.



Being the longest serving members of the team, our Creative Designers Hassan and Shaneel, are the most experienced when its comes to branding and designing. They carry out major design works for the numerous campaigns that we run. With distinctive personalities and skills, they are each unique. Shaneel is a passionate designer with a modern accent in his branding style. He is rather silent, but when you get to know him, he is the most fun and let’s not forget that he could make a stunning story board. We adore Hassan’s calligraphy skills. His designs have the edge of native Maldivian to it, with his own font, making it tremendously distinctive. Smart and funny in nature, he is also our go to person to proof check Dhivehi writings. Yes, his Dhivehi linguistics are on point!



Aiman and Aiham are the team’s designated photographers, cinematographers and video creators. Our Creative Designer Aiman’s drone technique capture the most amazing shots and photos for all our content. He is an aspiring creative designer who enjoys planning fun outdoor activities for team building. Aiham, our Visual Content Creator is quiet and shy in person but behind the desk he is a tremendously talented digital illustrator and animator. The faces behind majority of our awesome videos are both Aiham and Aiman. They have amazing skills when it comes to videography and video editing.

Our team is vocal, kind and their brains constantly brimming with new ideas. Working in the back end and behind the scenes, their faces and work is more often hidden behind cameras. Today, we recognize and appreciate their work. We are proud of their constant effort in bringing out HDC’s contribution to the community and corporates image at its best. Most especially, Marketing team thanks you for your unwavering support.