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Our Landscape Architects bring nature in to Hulhumalé & beyond with a twist

June 8, 2022 : 4:38 pm

I am sure you have noticed that Hulhumalé Island stands out in the Greater Malé Region, and while you can cast the limelight on the Island in many ways, we take a look at the team who makes Hulhumalé visible from afar; our landscape team.

But who are Landscape Architects really?

Landscape Architects transport the sense of Hulhumalé by shifting open public spaces to scenic and sustainable green spaces which prosper interactions, recreation and human well-being. They use greenery, water-sensitive urban design and ecosystem-based adaptation concepts which fit the surrounding urban context. For instance, urban parks, streetscapes or open plazas. To further elaborate, sustainability is one of our Corporation’s major values and remaining true to it, our landscape architects follow the exact same footpath in creating an inclusive city.

Our team takes absolute delight in this profession, and how could they not? You get to transform open public spaces from your imagination to reality. It’s quite interesting. Constantly exploring ways to create an environment that is accommodating and accessible for all ages, spreading awareness and offering their expertise where the public is lacking. Though pre-planned, urban farming project was introduced quickly in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. The project was introduced to harbor young and new generation farmers to promote food security through sustainable growing methods. They absolutely treasure seeing their imaginations turn into designs, shaping spaces in Hulhumalé. It’s not just about making the landscape look attractive, but an integration of services that balance human well-being and sustainability. Most of what we see is the landscape and the visual beauty of it, but some of the work done by our landscape architects are concealed from the pictorial. It involves some of the smallest details such as choosing the type of benches for a park and most vital details such as applying universal accessibility uniformly in all public spaces and trees that provide an utmost shade. Our team’s expertise extends from Hulhumalé and beyond. Landscape designing of the newly reclaimed picnic island, “K.Kudagiri” is led by our team and furthermore, they have provided their support for designing streetscapes in Fuvahmulah City. One of the most interesting projects they are designing is the heritage district in Farukolhufushi, which is a completely unique upcoming development.

Each experience you have in Hulhumalé open spaces are designed by our team, bearing in mind the public responses and small design elements properly for each landscape. Not all moments however have been simple or even easy for them. It is unfortunate that most of the open spaces in Hulhumalé are littered or vandalized, or both. Our team lacks the support they need to keep those lush green spaces clean and perpetuated. A designated cleaning team is assigned to clean Hulhumalé, but that does not deprive us of our own responsibility.