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Interested in becoming a Smart City Partner? Here’s How

September 23, 2021 : 2:35 pm

As the very first emerging smart city in the Maldives, Hulhumale’ is a space for exciting new ideas and opportunities. While HDC undertakes the task of building the supporting digital infrastructure, we also understand that community is the core of any successful smart city. We aim to create a lively smart city ecosystem that connects the tech community, vendors, businesses, institutions, and every single member of the community together in exploring promising new technologies and solutions. To achieve this, we invite you to partner with us

Through these partnership initiatives, you can become a smart city champion. Start big or small. Kickstart a pilot project, scale it up if it proves successful. Launch a smart product or solution or undertake a joint research and development program to discover and learn from other like-minded partners.

These partnerships will be a stepping stone for a socially inclusive, joint effort towards a better and an intelligent future.

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