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The Interactive Water Fountain Brings Unity to Hulhumalé

December 21, 2021 : 3:31 pm

Interactive fountains are a trend around the globe for their spectacular amusements. We have
experienced and seen the show of the Interactive Fountain built in the capital city Malé, or may
have come across one during our travels abroad. What these Interactive water features do is,
make a place warm and inviting for people to come together to share joyful experiences and make
memories. Our urban planners did not hesitate to bring this experience locally, the largest of its
kind ever built in Maldives; The interactive water fountain, located in Hulhumalé Central Park.

Locals pooled around the fountain during its inauguration on 12th November 2021, to enjoy this
splendid sighting for the first time in Hulhumalé. Excited faces of kids gasped in muse at first sight,
rushing into the water within the next minutes. The park that is lush green during the day, is lit by
different colors, illuminated through a whimsical gushing of water, dancing to the orchestra of

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) gives special consideration when utilizing open and
green spaces of Hulhumalé, through careful planning that best brings our small community
together. Likewise, the Interactive Water Fountain was designed keeping in mind, the lessons
taught by our ancestors about unity and coexistence. The woven patterns of the fountain, portrays
the Maldivian craftsmanship representing our intricate arts and rich culture that have been passed
by various generations.

The concept of the water fountain shows the beautiful harmony of people living in Hulhumalé who
have travelled from different parts of Maldives, to create Hulhumalé what it is today. It is a
representation of our beautiful coexistence whether it be locals, expats or tourists. Hence, it’s a
depiction and a reminder of our success, in living together harmoniously with our rich culture and

The orientation of the fountain site is from north to south and will face the mosque in alignment
to the plaza area of Central Park, all which will be developed in the near future. Centered at the
heart of Hulhumalé, Central Park is a hub for locals and tourists to interact, play and enjoy with
family and friends. The Interactive Fountain in this location adds value to the community and has
become a sight for tourists as well.

The Interactive Water Fountain is currently operational on weekends and public holidays during
the evening from 1600hrs till 1745hrs, and 2000hrs till 2200hrs at night. The fountain is also lit on
every Thursday night for one hour starting at 2000hrs. We look forward to seeing more people
coming together and enjoying the marvelous Interactive Fountain.