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Installation of CORS station in Centro Mall

February 27, 2022 : 12:53 pm

Our Corporation is charting a prominent example by working towards the smart city concept in the Maldives, mainly because of its famous and fragile topography and the lack of resources found within our Country. Creating a smart city concept in the three man-made islands of the Maldives that have a direct link with the Country’s economy has presented major challenges. Nevertheless, our plans to acclimate are fortunately clever and our doors for partnerships are always open. We are thankful for Foresight surveyors in helping us advance in the methodology of surveying by providing a GPS and GNSS (CORS) antenna which is now installed in the Centro Mall of Hulhumalé.

Directed by an expert team, our Corporation is largely involved in the use of GNSS survey systems. Foresight Surveyors helped our team get acquainted with the smartest surveying technology in use by initiating a training for them and in embracing this technology will help us achieve the smart city concept in Hulhumalé, Gulhifalhu & Thilafushi. Each Island is focused and magnified in a masterplan with complete and proper land management facilities.

CORS surveying will increase the mapping accuracy, efficiency and ease of use. A large part of preparation and instrument setup is eliminated. Our surveyors can easily carry out the services free of hassle and minimal training, taking the overall productivity to the next level by overcoming limitations of the current RTK technique. Use of CORS abolishes the base setup which reduces the items that must be carried by a surveyor to the field and the time it takes to setup the base or change the base during a survey. Most importantly, all these advantages reduce the possible human errors.

One single GPS receiver with a data collector completes a survey set which is a considerably less investment if compared with a GPS system with a base unit. A survey can be carried with ease and by one man/woman and everything required for the survey will simply fit it one bag pack. Construction of large infrastructure projects and generation and update of revenue maps is one the major problems faced by our Country today, and in using this technology will improve the speed, efficiency and simplicity of in-house data acquisitions.

By embracing CORS technology over the conventional methods, we are choosing numerous advantages. Surveys will become much more precise, helping us to move upward the curve of the smart city concept.