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Hulhumale’ – Stepping in to the digitalized world

February 8, 2021 : 7:04 pm
GPON Hulhumale

A high-speed network infrastructure is essential to cater current and future demand in any city, providing high speed internet, video, data, telephony and other network services. Stepping into the digitalized world, it is vital to develop high speed network connectivity in evolving cities.
Keeping this in mind, HDC has initiated an Open Access Network deployment in Hulhumalé Phase II which will pave way in terms of economic evolution, digitalization of government services, businesses and lifestyle of the residents of this island city. As such, this network enables for a digital solution that will transform the whole economic and social outlook of the Maldives.

The open access network creates quick service provisioning, low operational costs from multiple service providers sharing the same infrastructure and better maintenance as it eliminates the need for excavating and trenching roads. In an open access network concept, the fiber network is used to deliver multiple services over one common cable. Meaning that internet, TV and other service providers can provision their services over the same cable network infrastructure.

Open Access fiber cable networks are designed for long-distance, high-performance data networking. Compared to old fashioned copper wire cables, fiber optic cables, which are glass strands encased in insulation, provide higher bandwidth, low latency and ultra-high-speed capabilities, enabling stable gigabit speed.

Gigabit full-fiber becomes a strategic infrastructure asset, along with bricks and mortar or other physical investments. This shift in approach means that up-to-date and innovative fiber infrastructure is no longer really about telecommunications. Instead, it is about digital connectivity.
In the context of telecommunications networks, “Open Access” typically means the access granted to multiple Service Providers to wholesale services on one physical network infrastructure. This enables Service Providers to reach the subscriber without the need to deploy a new fiber access network themselves.

A well run network will prove to provide numerous opportunities to our community not only through encouraging the growth of digital economy but by providing smart services. The fiber infrastructure will give Hulhumalé high speed internet and enable the opportunity to implement smart city applications such as waste management, smart parking and connected streetlights creating an attractive environment for both businesses and resident to thrive.

The new Open Access Network will future-proof Hulhumalé; a network that has a higher capacity to deliver reliable connectivity with an ability to make huge leaps over time.