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HDC signs MoU with TVET Authority for HDC’s Apprenticeship Program 2019

April 8, 2019 : 4:36 pm

Housing Development Corporation signed the MoU with Technical and Vocational Education Training Authority (TVET Authority) of Ministry of Education, to initiate HDC’s Apprenticeship Program 2019.

The agreement was signed in today’s ceremony by HDC’s Managing Director Mr. Suhail Ahmed, HDC’s Deputy Managing Director Mr. Ahmed Athif, Minister of State for Higher Education Mr. Mohamed Hashim, and TVET Authority’s Director Ms. Aminath Asra.

This year’s Apprenticeship program will be conducted internally and will provide opportunities for development of specific skills with the use of both theoretical and practical applications. The training areas include welding, automotive maintenance, carpentry, electrician, gardening, heavy vehicle operation, building construction, and building maintenance.

In the ceremony, Mr. Mohamed Hashim expressed his gratitude towards HDC, for its countless efforts to provide education and development opportunities in skill shortage areas, to the youth of this country. He also emphasized on the importance of education when developing careers and assured future efforts to empower youth to be more active members in the society. This includes the Ministry’s plans to introduce an apprenticeship program on a national level, that would at least be accepted under Certificate Level III of Maldives Qualifications Authority’s standards.

HDC’s Apprenticeship Program was initiated in the year 2016 and this year’s program would be the third of its kind. This year, HDC has directed its efforts to provide career development opportunities in trade areas, to the existing workforce of the corporation. HDC’s Apprenticeship program 2019 is combining the corporation’s effort with the government, to realize its vision of a more skilled youth workforce in the country.