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HDC innaugurates Youth Apprenticeship Program 2018

March 8, 2018 : 3:59 pm

HDC Youth Apprenticeship Program 2018 was officially inaugurated today, by HDC’s Managing Director Mr. Mohamed Saiman.

Held in HDC head office, the ceremony commenced with a speech by HDC’s Director in Human Resources Mr. Mohamed Ilham. In his speech, Mr Ilham acknowledged this program as an excellent opportunity to its participants, advised them to make use of this opportunity and to be persistent throughout the course.

Afterwards, Mr. Saiman awarded the certificate of participation to the candidates and concluded the ceremony by addressing his speech to the candidates. He identified the three categories under this program as some of the most unique fields currently in the Maldives, and advised the candidates on using the skills they acquire through this course to contribute to the community.

Among over 150 individuals who applied for this program, 24 participants were selected to train in three fields: Land Surveying, Building Construction, and Building Maintenance.

This year’s program will combine on-the-job training where the participants will be provided lectures and study materials needed for theory classes by MIT. Upon successful completion the participants will be awarded a level 3 certificate accepted by Maldives Qualification Authority and exceptional apprentices from the program have the opportunity to be employed by the Corporation based on the availability of vacancies.

Through this annually conducted program, HDC aims to develop skilled youth in the society true to the Government’s youth policy of securing a brighter future for the Maldivian youth, through the creation of vast socio-economic opportunities.