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HDC and team Reethirah plant 2000 palm trees in Hulhumale’ Phase II

March 23, 2019 : 5:33 pm

Housing Development Corporation, with the generous donation of One and Only Reethirah Resort, planted 2000 palm trees in Hulhumalé Phase II, today.

The tree planting ceremony was attended by HDC’s Managing Director Mr. Suhail Ahmed, Executive Committee Members, General Manager of Reethirah Mr. Jan Tibaldi as well as a team of staff from the resort.

The ceremony held today was the second of its kind in Hulhumalé Phase II. HDC was the proud hosting partner of the initial tree planting ceremony held here, for the inauguration of “Rahfehi” tree planting program by H.E.P Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

With Hulhumalé being developed as a climate change resilient city, these palm trees are a major contribution to our greening initiative for Hulhumalé. Under this initiative, our future plans hold developments under categories of green transport, green architecture, green energy and our currently ongoing development of green spaces in the city.