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Girl Guides mark their 100th Anniversary in Hulhumale’

July 11, 2010 : 11:09 am

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Girl Guide services, Maldives Girl Guide Association conducted a tree planting program in Hulhumalé on 06th July 2010. First lady of the Maldives Ms Laila Ali, inaugurated the program by planting a Hernandia tree (local name is Mas Kandhu). Among the participants were the delegates of “Asia Pacific Regional Conference on World Scout and Girl Guide Service”, government officials, School students, seniors of Girl Guide association and observers from the Maldives; a total of more than 250 participants.

During the program over 100 plants were planted and furthermore a commemoration stone with a signboard was placed at the location. The event location was the open space north of Ghaazee School.