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Event Spaces of Hulhumalé

May 22, 2022 : 4:14 pm

As the master developer working to build the city of Hulhumalé, we take great pleasure in supporting, initiating and becoming involved in community engagement. It is our vision to create state of the art smart communities in the city with an ambition to become the most livable city in the Maldives. Our facilities and services are prioritized to achieve accessibility and convenience to all individuals.

The city with the most open spaces of Malé region, Hulhumalé has become the axis of hosting various types of events starting from small birthday parties to mega events such as festivals and marathons. If you are looking for the perfect event spaces to host your events, explore the following range of places and its unique features.

1. Central Park: located at the heart of the bustling city of Hulhumalé, sits this beautiful, scenic and prolific space. It is the greenest place you can find in this region. Central Park serves its many purposes, from a place to host variety of events and expos, to being the largest open space for hangouts. It is home to the largest fountain of the region, which lights up at night with beautiful colors. This is the most requested location in Hulhumalé and is more appropriate for engaging events and activities.

2. Ruhgandu 1 & 2: If you wish to host an event by the beach, this is the perfect place to choose. Surrounded by tall palm trees, the space is large enough to host a day camp or sports tournament. Ruhgandu 1 and 2 is located in Nirolhu Magu, the main road of Hulhumalé where events held here gives a lot of exposure for people. This space is the right fit for night markets, and engaging events.

3. Commercial Block A & D: Road side spaces perfect to host small promotional events or fundraising events. This area is very open but smaller in size. The space however gives more exposure to engaging events.

4. Community Center Compound: An open compound located within the Community Center which is secluded. This is the right choice if you are looking for an open compound to host a birthday party, wedding party of more private gatherings.

Steps to Book an Event Space:

  • Submit a ‘Leasing event spaces in Hulhumalé’ H7 application along with applicant’s ID card copy (two sides) or company registration copy.
  • If available and if approved, payment details will be sent via mail.
  • Payment can be made to HDC finance counter or through transfers.
  • Once the payment has been received, customer will be handed or mailed the booking confirmation, payment receipt and form with authorization.
  • If electricity is required, customer should submit the booking confirmation with other documents provided by HDC to STELCO.

Relevant Forms and Documents:

Application H7 Form
Event Space Locations
Event Space Guideline
Lease Rates