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Employee Spotlight: Pankaj Chauhan

May 26, 2022 : 11:02 am

HDC fosters an enabling and welcoming environment for both local and expatriate employees with equitable opportunities. This week we are delighted to bring you the journey of our Senior Quantity Surveyor, Mr. Pankaj Chauhan. Selected among the division’s employee of the month for March 2022, Pankaj is a valuable addition to the department’s Project Costing and Contract Administration Unit. His greatest accomplishment thus far is being associated with key milestone projects of HDC’s Portfolio, substitute member of BEC, his association and contribution in acquiring certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) and Interim BREEAM certification for upcoming Green Office Building project.

Pankaj’s main responsibilities involve preparations of BOQs, BOMs and drafting of tender and contract documents for construction projects. Pankaj plays an active role in ensuring the tasks are delivered at the best standards while assisting in monitoring the activities of the section. As described by his superior, Pankaj is a spirited employee who has continued to garner knowledge, take initiative and show dedication in his work and in improving practices at HDC.

In addition to gaining local experience, he believes that HDC has provided him a transparent, autonomous, collaborative and nurturing environment that promotes a healthy work-life balance. Furthermore, according to Pankaj, the work environment is highly accommodating for him being a staff with international background, and has facilitated to leverage on his strengths, work productively and gain local experience. Overall, working at HDC has given him the opportunity to be part of innovative construction industry in this rapidly modernizing world.

Pankaj is a humble, honest, conscientious individual, who is keen to explore new aspects of life. He prefers to pursue an active independent lifestyle, giving time for sports and adapting a healthy routine. He enjoys reading research papers particularly scientific and technology related articles and reports. Pankaj is a friendly colleague who mentors and motivates his team members.

Serving as an expert in the respective field, he is confident that HDC has enabled him professional, technical and interpersonal growth through exposure to vast types and scales of projects such as residential, commercial, infrastructure, and public amenities. Being constantly motivated to keep an eye on the horizon and beyond, Pankaj is extremely proud to contribute towards development of one of its kind; smart island cities.