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Employee Spotlight: Nashid Hassan

August 24, 2022 : 4:19 pm

Featuring this week on our Employee Spotlight is Nashid Hassan, Assistant Inspector from Thilafushi Operations. He has been working in HDC since 2017 in Thilafushi where he carries out supervision of Thilafushi operational sites, and keeps track of overall security of the Island. His day in the field starts with a briefing session with the team and inspecting the sites assigned sites. He tirelessly works day and night to perform his shift duty at his best, with keen interest and enthusiasm.

Nashid describes his work environment at HDC as flexible and enjoyable with the friendliest of coworkers. Having to spend most of their time together in the island at work and after hours, the employees have formed a humble community who enjoy playing different sports and host various recreational activities such as barbecues from time to time.

Nashid highlights that, working at HDC has given him a lot of growth opportunities through various life skill trainings and on-the-job trainings.