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Employee Spotlight: Mariyam Lua Abdul Wahhab

April 28, 2022 : 1:29 pm

Today, we bring you the journey of Lua, a proud mother and a hardworking employee of HDC. Lua works in the Client Management and Development Monitoring Section of our Real Estate Management Department. She has also worked in the Sales, Contract Management, and Property Management Sections. Through all of these opportunities, her understanding and knowledge of her work has grown, allowing her to lead projects and events within the scope of her current work.

Her greatest achievement is being a part of the team that initially established the Real Estate Management Department of HDC. Her contributions have been extremely beneficial to us. Lua believes that the opportunities have aided her personal development, making her more confident and self-assured over time.

Her greatest personal achievement, aside from work, is being a mother to an 11-year-old daughter. Lua enjoys spending time with her family and friends, who describe her as friendly, humble, and down-to-earth. She is also a bookworm who enjoys reading, and an adventurer who enjoys traveling as much as she can. Lua has a compassionate heart for those in need and the sick, and she devotes her time to help them heal.

As described by her superior, Lua is a dedicated staff and is committed to her work during her long tenure in the company. One of the great qualities of Lua is that she independently carries out assignments effectively and takes initiative and responsibility in her work. She has leadership and teamwork qualities which help her complete challenging tasks with other departments quiet easily. Guiding her colleagues plausibly through obstacles, she is a notable staff of Real Estate Management.