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Employee Spotlight: Mamdhooh Rasheed

June 23, 2022 : 3:13 pm

This week we bring you the story of our tech-savvy, the 2021 Champion of Club HDC FIFA, Mamdhooh Rasheed. Mamdhooh is a proud member of our Information Technology (IT) team, who serves as a first point of contact for staff seeking ICT technical assistance. His main responsibilities include monitoring and maintaining network related issues while testing new technologies, install and configuring computer hardware, software, camera and access control.

Mamdhooh describes HDC as a challenging work environment, where he gets to engage in every ICT related project carried out by HDC. His biggest accomplishment is playing a key role in improving the overall efficiency of IT section, and being able to assist in achieving major goals of the organization by fulfilling his tasks without any setbacks.

Mamdhooh is interested in Network security management, infrastructure and automation. Working in HDC, he has gain valuable knowledge and improved his skills in the tech field through various innovative projects handled at HDC.
Described by his superior, Mamdhooh makes a strong effort to educate himself and always tries to improve through self-evaluation. He has been a great member for our ICT team by constantly supporting his colleagues and adding value through his unique ideas.