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Employee Spotlight: Hanaan Rasheed

September 21, 2022 : 9:40 am

Meet Hanaan Rasheed on Employee Spotlight this week. Aside from her pretty red curly hair, she is a kind warm hearted girl who works in Business Development Department. Her journey here at HDC started as an Assistant Marketing Officer, and later joined Business Development section in its early inception. She was one of the employees who helped form the department from ground up to what it is today. Currently she is a Senior Business Development Officer overseeing the Commercial Unit.

Having spent a large portion of her professional life at HDC, Hanaan describes the environment as a great place to work at. Apart from the comparative number of benefits and competitive remuneration, her friends and colleague she met here made it worth while for her. Even during the most challenging times, the support from her colleagues and management has kept her going.

Her biggest accomplishments thus far have been, contributing to the Business Development team mainly in areas of research for projects, especially those new and unique to Hulhumalé and the Maldives. Her contributions made to ensure the systematic processes in the BD department is profound. Having been entrusted to oversee the commercial unit and related projects is also one of her achievements working at HDC.

During the years working here, Hanan has had the opportunity to work on projects that are relevant to her academic background and learn from colleagues, from those who are still here and who have now left the corporation. The belief and support from management has encouraged to further her education and develop professional skills as well.

Aside from work at HDC, Hanaan works as a freelance writer occasionally and have previously worked on magazine articles among others. Her hobbies and interests include music, motion picture, crosswords, arts & crafts, and mainly travelling.

“To see the effort that we put into the projects materialize as developments makes it all the more rewarding, knowing that the work we do is impactful. The various activities such as sports competitions, team building events, trainings etc. help staff to develop, network and socialize” – Hanaan