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Employee Spotlight: Aminath Riuman Wasif

April 13, 2022 : 2:02 pm

As part of our new blog series, we are initiating an Employee Spotlight here at HDC. The Corporate’s success and growth has been mainly due to our hardworking employees. We are excited to bring with you their journey at HDC and career success stories with the hopes of inspiring many.

The first employee featuring on our Spotlight is our Senior Business Development Officer, Aminath Riuman Wasif. Riuman joined HDC as a junior member of the Business Development Team. Over the 6 years she has worked at HDC, she has been able to work up the ladder with close mentorship and guidance from her supervisors and colleagues. She is now successfully leading the Residential, office and Institutional Unit team with far greater responsibilities at hand.

Her greatest achievement is being involved in different stages of large-scale developments aimed at creating a thriving commercial future for Hulhumalé; from conducting market researches to formulating workable business models for the private and public sector. She has played key roles in promoting these ideas and concepts to create a healthy development and investment environment in Hulhumalé.

Aside from work, she has various accomplishments from being a Climate Ambassador representing Maldives at the Children’s Climate Forum held at Copenhagen 2009, to being among the participants of Commonwealth Day celebrations where she met the Queen of England. Pretty cool huh? Riuman loves travelling, and during her free time she enjoys solving puzzles and indulging in her favorite books.

As described by her superior, Riuman is an exemplary staff who has worked hard with dignity to be one of the leading staff of HDC’s Business Development Department. She is dedicated, motivated and an inspiration to others. We are proud to have such a talented striving individual in our team.