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Discover your Forte with us

May 29, 2022 : 4:42 pm


As youngsters, our minds fluctuate rapidly, and our career path usually looks blurry. At this point, we think Apprenticeship is a good call.

HDC Apprenticeship is a long-standing tradition of our HR team since 2016. Former Apprentices have built their careers with us and, some have found exactly where they would like to extend their expertise. We could provide you with a synopsis of advantages ensuing from the program.

We like to think of our Apprenticeship program as a guide; outstanding leaders for lecturers, constantly changing environment, high pressure setting, tight deadlines and teamwork in a setting of numerous divisions in major departments. Building and developing three man-made Islands that play a significant role in the economy of Maldives leaves the Apprentices with distinctive knowledge and practical learning – an experience that we are proud to say, could only be attained with us.

Our ambition is to build skillful youth in Welding, Heavy Vehicle, Masonry, Gardening, Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic, Construction Site Supervisor and Building Maintenance. Experience the whole trial run of any particular profession of your choice while also earning.

“This is not worth letting go. It’s a program full of skills waiting to be discovered. –

Yoosuf Musheer, Former Apprentice, Assistant Welder.”

Hundred new participants will be given the chance to enroll in the program. Successful participation guarantees you with a Maldives Qualification Authority approved level 3 Certificate and practical learning beyond classrooms.

There is always much to learn, and that is our Apprenticeship program’s mighty philosophy. We could help you discover your forte and turn it into your profession.