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Developing Skilled Youth in the Society

December 29, 2021 : 2:29 pm

Developing a constant community and socio-economic equity within Hulhumalé is one of our strategic pillars at Housing Development Corporation (HDC). This is achieved by providing equitable opportunities to all members of the society. One of the key areas we focus is on skill and career development among the youth. Likewise, our Apprenticeship Program is aimed at fostering the skills required for youth to contribute to the society.

The program is carried out through a combination of on-the-job trainings by HDC and supplemental instructions given by the Technical and Vocational Education Training Authority for the apprentices to gain first-hand experience in the areas. The participants can pick from a range of trade areas including Electrician, Construction site supervisor, Welding, Gardening, Masonry and Heavy Vehicle Operators.

The apprenticeship program carried out for a duration of 6 months is a fine opportunity for participants to learn and earn on the job, while attaining an MQA approved Level 3 Certification. A monthly allowance of MVR6,000 is paid to all apprentices. Those who outperform during the program are also offered job opportunities from HDC, with attractive salaries.

The latest program was held during early 2021, where a total of 56 apprentices participated and successfully graduated with National Level 3 certification. Out of which, 24 apprentices were offered job opportunities by HDC from their respective field of work. This includes 5 Assistant Welders, 2 Assistant Gardeners, 6 Assistant Construction Officers, 5 Assistant Electricians, 5 Heavy Vehicle Drivers and one Assistant Mason.

Moosa Fizal – a graduate from Construction Site Supervision, explains his experience in an interview with HDC. “I chose site supervision to further enhance my career in the field of Civil Engineering. Most people think that overseeing operations is an easy task, but the job requires playing a key role in all projects. I was able to learn valuable lessons from this program such as managing teams, importance of being punctual and to work with diverse teams. I advise all interested individuals to come forward and participate in this program.”

We are proud of the many talented individuals who participated the program and gained skillful experiences that has helped in enhancing their careers.