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Building a smart city, brick by brick

October 20, 2020 : 11:54 am

Often dubbed as a “smart city, city of hope and a city in isles of Maldives”, Hulhumalé has accomplished, and begun a number of smart island initiatives. Over the course of 2 decades, the ambitious island has reached many smart city goals, proving the island’s vulnerability to climate change of little importance.

Elevated by 2m above mean sea level was the first step, from thereon Hulhumalé geared towards climate resilience. If you are to take a tour of Hulhumalé, you will find the city ornamented with green – a pivotal responsibility of HDC’s greening department. The open spaces of the island offer 2.5SQM open space index per person, allowing our residents and visitors to have a walkable and interactive environment whereby discouraging automobiles within the city. The streets of Hulhumalé are designed to optimize wind penetration, reducing reliance on air conditioning. The streets are also designed wider to integrate bike lanes, allowing occasional evening strolls on the pedestrian friendly streets.

Highly involved in sustainable development, committed to provide renewable electricity to the residents of Hulhumalé, solar panels are installed on the rooftop’s of 1000 social housing as part of an on-going project with the Ministry of Environment. Collaborative efforts with World Bank will introduce a sewage treatment plant and a strong water masterplan which is currently at the implementation stage. An urban farming project was announced ahead of time, realizing the imperativeness of freshly grown food within our community in the midst of the world-wide pandemic, during which each farmer will be given an equal opportunity for sustainable farming.

With the high regard HDC places on accessibility, the largest school built in the Country, Huravee School housed in Hulhumalé is made accessible for the disabled community. The pedestrian pathways in the four bridge connections connecting the both phases of Hulhumalé is built inclusive of tactile surfaces fostering safe and independent mobility for the blind and the visually impaired.

The city is anticipated to reveal numerous mega developments in tourism, industrial, institutional, commercial, residential and recreational combined with modern technology. As we are introducing developments such as IT Park, Knowledge Park and Financial district in the master plan of Hulhumalé, we understand the cruciality of instigating a capable internet access for our residents to go about their daily lives in full swing. In the year 2018, the procession of GPON open access network began to help our residents in reaching new heights through telecommunication advancement and revealing another renowned attraction to our investors. Open access network will transform digital connectivity, helping to deliver future-proofed economic, social and environmental benefits.

Distinguished from rest of the islands of the Maldives, Hulhumalé is the only island being developed as a smart and safeguarding city for all.