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Availability of aggregates for the construction industry

August 22, 2017 : 10:53 am

A press conference was held at Hulhumale Phase ll by Minister of Economic Development Mohamed Saeed and Managing Director of Housing Development Corporation Saiman yesterday, regarding arrangements for the availability of aggregates for the construction industry.

With the major infrastructure development projects that are planned, a boom in the industry is forecasted for the next three years. In order to stabilize the market and to ensure that supply meets demand, arrangements have been made so that aggregates needed for the industry are continuously available.

To cater to the demand, quality aggregates have been brought from countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia and stock piled in Phase II. These aggregates will be available at market rate for projects undertaken by the government and private sector.

Minister was accompanied by officials from the Ministry of Economic Development and members of the management team of HDC.