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Art Festival 2017 showcases arts and crafts of talented local artists

August 27, 2017 : 7:13 am

Housing Development Corporation in collaboration with Maldivian Artist Community (MAC), concluded the largest art festival ever to be held in the city, showcasing the work of over 50 artists.

The event “Art Festival 2017” which was officially opened on Friday, went on until last night, from 4pm to 11pm on both days. The festival included live arts, interactive arts, art for kids, entertainment, hands-on experiences with traditional crafts and awareness through art with schools.

The festival was held under HDC’s annual “Receptive City” series, with the aim of bringing in all creative minds together on one platform with the theme “City of Hope”.

During the opening event, HDC’s Managing Director Mohamed Saiman and MAC’s Chairperson Maimoona addressed the participants of the event. Additionally, prize money was awarded to the “Art Installation” projects carried out through out the city. Maimoona was awarded MVR 10,000 for the art installation at BBQ area wall, Hussain Ihfal Mohamed and Aishath Reema Mohamed was awarded MVR 20,000 for the work at Commercial Block wall and Ferry Terminal Park respectively while Team Whale Shark was awarded MVR 150,000 for the main art installation at Central Park.

The official opening took place with HDC’s Managing Director Mohamed Saiman, Deputy Managing Director Ahmed Bunyamin and management team as well as officials from MAC and National Centre for the Arts NCA drawing on the “MyHulhumalé” letters placed at the Stamp Your City area.

Throughout the event, performances by local artists took place, with support from Fannu ge Dharin, including notable artists such as Nish, Anya, DJ Baapu, Appi, Uber Djs, Yoosuf, Afruh, Zafar and Dhifoo.

Initiated in year 2016, “Receptive City” series introduced by HDC aims to contribute to the holistic development of Hulhumalé by including the public in designing, creating and forming various components of the city and its well being. As part of volume 1 of the series, HDC held the first 3D Street Art Festival and worked with local students from Maldivian National University and artists giving them a platform to showcase their talents at Canopy Design Competition.

HDC aims to hold this event annually to further the objectives of creating interactive points in  Hulhumalé where the public can engage and enjoy vibrant and attractive three dimensional effects, introduce new types of art to the city, raise the profiles of talents, as well as foster public interest towards the field of arts and crafts.