Located in the Indian Ocean straddling the equator, an archipelago of 1190 coral islands fringed by 26 natural atolls, form the tiny island nation, The Maldives. With clear turquoise waters with its abundance of marine life, crystalline white beaches and sunny weather, it is considered a haven for an escape from the hectic urban life.

Nothing short of a wonder, the country is made even more attractive by its people and their welcoming smiles. The Maldivians are a proud people with their own language “Dhivehi” and a script “Thaana” unique to the country. Dispersed over 82,000 kilometers, various dialects of the language can be heard throughout the country with traditions and cultural variations unique to the different areas. As for the story enthusiasts, the Maldivian history is told with legends and myths of powerful monarchs, conquerors, heroes and monsters.