Land use

The master plan accommodates for a wide range of land uses in Hulhumalé; from commercial and residential to light industrial and institutional uses and so forth.

Hulhumale' Land Use Plan


The Master plan is designed to maximize the natural potential of the island as a waterfront oasis. Sufficient accessibility to the Western foreshore waterfront is provided, enabling the space to be more vibrant, diverse and economically more valuable.


Blue Plan - Comm



The master plan reflects on the importance of accessibility to green & open spaces to maximize the economic and aesthetic value of Hulhumalé, hence, strategic green links are designed through major residential, business and industrial districts. The green spaces act as buffers between these strategic land uses to create a more economically viable and aesthetically pleasing environment.



Green Plan - Comm

Green Plan  - N2 & N3


There are two main modes of accessing Hulhumalé: by sea or land link. Main access to the island is by the passenger and cargo movement facilities available by the western sea front. Along with the main passenger ferry terminal being situated in the western sea front, there is also potential to develop additional jetties in the vicinity.

Hulhumalé can also be accessed from the causeway stretching from the southern corner of Hulhumalé to the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA), Hulhulé.

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The road network is planned to provide adequate access to the different land uses while reducing congestion and facilitating easy movement of people and goods in a safe, efficient and reliable manner. It is designed to increase the environmental and economic value of each individual land use by increasing market capture and decreasing costs.

Road Plan  - N2 & N3 [EL.V] Road Plan  - N2 & N3 Road Plan - Comm [EL.V] Road Plan - Comm



The master plan reflects on the importance of the potential economic and aesthetic value of oceanic views and open spaces being effectively utilized. Hence, view corridors are strategically placed to secure scenic sight lines in order to further emphasize the quality of the island’s natural environment and to enhance the urban and environmental experience within the city.


View Corridors - Comm [EL.V] View Corridors - Comm View Corridors - N2 & N3 [EL.V] View Corridors - N2 & N3