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The City of Hope

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Emerging from beneath the waves, the city of Hulhumalé remains a beacon of development for the Maldives.

Hulhumalé is the culmination of the island nation’s efforts to reimagine its focus towards being resilient, economically and environmentally.

With world class infrastructure, Hulhumalé – the City of Hope aims to offer residents, visitors, investors, developers, entrepreneurs and technopreneurs with a global lifestyle.

Hulhumale has been celebrated as a true city for the youth, providing them with the perfect platform offering the best solutions to live, work, play and invest.

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With plans to establish Hulhumalé as a climate change resilient city, a number of green initiatives are well underway. Environmentally viable transport options are expected to come into operation, together with the introduction of green architecture and generation of green energy within the city.

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Creating smart developments and smarter communities

Hulhumalé is set to be developed as the first smarty city in the Maldives encompassing all the services and ICT network in a complete smart grid. This includes a proposed FIBER OPTIC GPON network which will replace the traditional cables used for ICT services.

A transport master plan has also been developed which includes smart city components such as Smart Traffic Management Systems, Automatic Surveillance, ERP systems promising efficient and public transportation systems. Development of a GIS system, web applications and a dashboard is in progress which will enhance the community engagement through smart and efficient ICT solutions. The utility services grids including water, electricity, fire and sewerage systems are being reviewed to update the existing grids to smart city grids.


Hulhumalé is located 8 km off the North East coast of Malé, the capital city of Maldives and 6.5 km from Velana International Airport, Hulhulé

4° 12' 38.3364'' N

73° 32' 19.6764'' E