August 8, 2019 : 3:37 pm

The Heritage Island is located within Farukolhufushi, one of the first resorts to be opened in the Maldives which is now incorporated as part of Hulhumalé during the Phase II reclamation.
Existing structures of Farukolhufushi has been designed with a unique Maldivian architectural style, creating the perfect setting for the Heritage Island development.
With its remarkable history to vaunt, Heritage Island is planned to become the ideal venue to foster cultural preservation, celebrate local traditions, music and arts.

3 responses to “HERITAGE ISLAND”

  1. Huzam says:

    Pls act before it’s too late to minimize motor vehicles from the roads. Encourage people living in the City to be smart. Encourage lifestyle changes.

    Introduce bike lanes. Make public transport reliable, frequent and convenient.

  2. Mohamed zareer says:

    Also increase the cultural accommodations
    Fanjifudi for the researchers and visitors this will generate more income

  3. Trus says:

    It would be much better to seperate the island with lagoon around and connect by bridges to make it more beautiful and natural as it was plus add on more values.