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Our role in Open Access Network

May 26, 2022 : 8:53 am

Ownership of the recently deployed Open Access Network (OAN) in Phase 2 of Hulhumalé is held by Housing Development Corporation (HDC). This separates the owner of the network infrastructure that enable the transportation of services from the title and responsibilities of service providers themselves. To simply state, telecommunication service providers are facilitated by one single high-performance network infrastructure, providing the end users; meaning our residents, with high-speed internet, TV, video and other services.

How our Open Access Network model works:

  • Deployment of Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) is by us, through which the service providers can transport their services to customers.
  • We manage the Open Access Network infrastructure and make sure that each partner /service provider of ours have sufficient bandwidth and network quality of service to deliver all the services via the network in a consistent manner to each customer. This process is carried out at the dedicated Network Operations Center established by us to monitor and oversee the entire OAN.
  • Service providers sign partnership agreements with us to provide their services to customers through the OAN.
  • Customers subscribe to one or more of their preferred services directly from the service providers which will be provided through OAN.

When the deployment of OAN infrastructure and management is undertaken by us, service providers can solely focus on providing more enhanced services and more variety of services to their customers. Furthermore, the overall cost of service provision will be reduced for service providers as the infrastructure is shared among many service providers, rather than the total investment on infrastructure being completely absorbed by the respective service provider itself to provide its services.