Creating opportunities for better homes, health, employment and education services in the Maldives

About HDC

Housing Development Corporation Limited (HDC) is a 100% state owned enterprise formed by a presidential decree, initially established in 2001.

HDC acts as the master developer, builder and regulator for the development of Hulhumalé, a planned city situated in the capital region. Achieving a milestone, the corporation now stands proudly in its 16th year of existence. HDC is currently working towards creating Hulhumalé to become the first smart and sustainable city in Maldives and is involved in undertaking projects of hospitality, industrial, recreational, commercial and residential in nature, many of which are unique and of a scale unseen in the country.


What we do

We undertake three core functions focused on the city of Hulhumalé;

Being the master planner and builder, we oversee, manage and control the land use plan, design and construction guidelines for all developments within the city. As a regulatory body, we undertake administrative and municipality services including civic engagement, playing a key role in property investment and promotion.

Within the corporation’s very diverse business lines, lies project, property and facilities management focusing on residential, light industrial, hospitality, recreational and commercial sectors in the country with a core emphasis on Hulhumalé. Being the master planner of Hulhumalé, HDC oversees, manages and controls the land use plan, design and construction guidelines for all its developments. As a regulatory body, the corporation also undertakes administrative and municipality services involving civic engagement within the city, playing a key role in property investment and being actively involved in investment promotion and facilitation for the Hulhumalé Development Project.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We take great pleasure in supporting, initiating and becoming involved in community engagement & building.

HDC has plans to empower the Maldivian youth by providing employment and career development opportunities, a platform to showcase their talents and invest in their futures. Hulhumalé being branded as the Youth City-The City of Hope, HDC believes empowered youth are essential for the development of our community. To make that happen, HDC commenced its very own apprenticeship program to provide the youth with a supportive environment to learn through play and sport. As part of HDC’s Receptive City series, team HDC has worked with local students and artists giving them a platform to showcase their talents at Canopy Design Competition and the first 3D Street-Art Competition held in the country.


Every year, HDC holds celebrations to value senior citizens, women, children and vulnerable groups in our society. From annual blood camps to sports tournaments, HDC wishes to continuously work with communities towards building a sustainable future.


HDC Management

HDC management team represents some of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

Career at HDC

Ever wondered what life at HDC looks like or what benefits you might expect as an employee?